Moss Valley Woodland

A few weeks ago I took a trip to the Sheffield Wildlife Trusts Moss Valley Woodland, a stunning bluebell wood a short bus ride away from the city centre. With exams and deadlines fast approaching I have been pretty busy of late, hence the delay in getting these on here, so heres a selection of some of the shots I took here. I have to say I went with fairly low expectations of what it might be like, but it was a pretty sizable and a pretty stunning woodland! Bluebells carpeted every nook and cranny, I saw lots of other wildlife, and its now added to the list of reasons of why I love Sheffield!
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billy clapham sheffield bluebell wood  landscape


billy clapham sheffield bluebell wood landscape



bluebell wood landscape sheffield


billy clapham bluebell sheffield


bluebell sheffield billy clapham wood


billy clapham river bluebell wood sheffield


As spectacular as the bluebells were, one little furry mouse stole the spot light that day! He was the most obliging animal i think I have ever photographed, when he saw me he froze still, long enough for me to swap lenses and take a fair few shots!

Wood mouse photo sheffield


wood mouse sheffield bluebell wood billy clapham
But this is the closest I got before he lost his nerve and bolted!

wood mouse billy clapham
bluebell flower macro sun

These last few shots were taken with an old film camera lens, a Pentacon 50mm f1.8, which I attatch to my Nikon D3200 via  little metal adaptor. Its great fun to play with, the only down side is the completely manual focus/exposure and the fact it can’t focus any further away than 1.5 meters! Its great for some nice creative bokeh shots though!

fern pentacon 50 1.8

bluebell  wood bokeh focus abstract


flower pentacon abstract


pentacon flower macro

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