Summer 2015

I had an unusually quiet summer photography wise this year, being busy with harvest work and various other things I didn’t get out with my camera anywhere near as much as I should have done…. Nor have I blogged as much as I should have done! To make up for it, here’s just a handful of shots that I did take over the summer, and the stories that go with them.

1.  The blackbirds in my garden have always been a favourite subject of mine, partly because they always seem to let me get so close! Here is a portrait of one of the juveniles from this year’s brood. 

2.  Skylarks, the true sirens of summer, tend to spend most of their time way up in the sky far away from me and my 70-300mm lens. I managed to capture this fleeting shot as this skylark rocketed off to the heavens in the midday sun, singing its heart out as it went. skylark, flying, bird, Nikon D7100, 70-300mm

3.  Mum had instructed me to clean the bathroom, but I might have gotten a little distracted on this occasion by this little lady I found scuttling round the walls. I can’t confess to being a huge arachnophile, but I do love jumping spiders, and I had to grab my camera to get some shots of this little female zebra spider! Zebra spider, macro, Raynox DCR-250, Nikon D7100, 70-300mm 4.  On route to visit a friend in Norwich, I took a trip to RSPB Frampton Marsh down on The Wash in south Lincolnshire. My 70-300mm wasn’t much use for the majority of birds viewable from the hides which kept their distance, but this grey heron gave me a pretty close fly by, allowing me to get one decent shot from the day at least! 5.  When back home in Lincolnshire, away from land-locked Sheffield, I love to visit the coast. Saltfleet Haven, where this shot was taken, quickly became a favourite location of mine with its rows of cute little fishing boats and access to sweeping beach, mud, marsh and sea. saltfleet haven, boat, sunset, dusk, reflection, Lincolnshire6.  On my first visit to Saltfleet Haven, I had barely gotten out of the car when I saw a short eared owl skirting the edge of the marsh on the other side of the river. I attached my telephoto lens as quickly as I could and managed to grab this shot as the owl stared back at me. Short eared owl, hunting, salt marsh, rimac, lincolnshire, coast

7. I take a lot of photos of my little niece. I mean, a lot. I don’t often post them on my flickr or on here because I’m never that sure of their photographic merit, or whether I just like them because they are of my niece… but in any case I decided to post this one because I still just really love this shot.

Maisy, niece, baby, hat, portrait, Nikon D7100

8.  Back at Saltfleet Haven, as I waited for the lighting to improve, I decided to have a bit of an experimental go at a time lapse using the D7100’s automatic intervalometer (meaning all I had to do was sit around for 15 minutes as the camera did the work for me!).

9. Yep it’s that boat again! Thanks to a tip off from a good flickr friend of mine, I decided to send this shot off to a local magazine to see if they fancied using it… and much to my surprise, Lincolnshire Life magazine decided it would be perfect for their October cover!

Saltfleet haven, boat, sunset, golden hour

Lincolnshire life, October issue, 2015, Nikon D7100, Billy Clapham

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