Three Years Ago Today: Close Encounters in Dalby Forest

Three years ago today, rather than being stuck indoors rattling through facts, figures, studies and latin names, I was enjoying a sunny weekend in the North York Moors, can you guess which year I’d rather be in right now? More specifically myself and my parents were trundling around Dalby Forest taking in the views and wildlife. Back then I was still shooting with the Fujifilm S200EXR, these are a few of some of my favourite wildlife shots I ever got with that camera; the bright sunshine that day and close up wildlife made it relatively easy work, even for a bridge camera!  (Click on the images to see them larger on flickr if it takes your fancy!)

This male chaffinch sat and perched on a nice pretty mossy log and sung a tune while I snapped away:

chaffinch dalby forest billy clapham bird

Getting within a few meters of a chaffinch I guess isn’t that remarkable, but I was pretty surprised when this yellowhammer let me get that close as well!

yellowhammer billy clapham yellow bird


yellow hammer yellowhammer bird billy clapham

There was also a whole host of butterflies flying around the path verges in between the tall pine trees. These two were taken with my Raynox DCR-250 attached to the fuji to get in even closer. The first is of a common blue butterfly and the second of a stunning little Green hair streak (the first and only one I have seen).



green hair streak butterfly raynox DCR250 macro billy clapham




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