Sen Monorom

One thing I knew I didn’t want to do when I visited SE Asia was go on an elephant ride. Elephant rides are popular around the sub-continent, but these elephants do not lead good lives; working incredibly hard, enduring often cruel training and causing damage to their backs.

Seeing wild Asian Elephants in Thailand was brilliant, but I decided to have a more intimate encounter while in Cambodia, heading to the countries wild eastern edge and the province of Mondulkuri.

I specifically came to the provincial capital of Sen Monorom for the abundance of burgeoning elephant rescue and eco-tourism projects projects. I headed to the ‘Mondulkuri Project’, a small operation that had rescued three elephants from being sold to the tourism trade in Siem Reap. Now these elephants got to roam their very own chunk of jungle and will hopefully one day contribute to a breeding project.