Summer’s arrived in Weston park

Exams are finished and the sun is shining! I took a little trip out to Weston Park situated bang slap next to my university one sunny morning to try and get some shots of the birds around the busy duck pond. The bright high sun was quite harsh but it was great conditions for some high speed photography to capture some of the ducks in action! Two big feral drakes were certainly showing their presence by splashing around a lot!

duck splash water droplets bath billy clapham


feral male duck drake wing flap billy clapham nikon



emerald duck splash water billy clapham



feral duck take off flight water splash billy clapham



feral duck splash high speed photography bird billy clapham


Talking of splashing, a very territorial coot was taking great care of its three fuzzy chicks being quite agressive to any ducks or pigeons that got a bit close… at one point the adult swam quite calmy toward a group of pigeons and ducks who were being fed at the edge of the pond and did what I can only describe as jumping and stamping its feet on the water! It created a big splash and loud bangs and did quite a successful job at deterring the other feeding birds so it and its young could have the bread virtually to themselves!
coot stomp splash jump nikon d3200 billy clapham

Stroppiness aside, the adults are quite debonair birds!
coot black and white


coot billy clapham sheffield nikon d3200

… and great parents!

coot parent chick
coot parent chicks


Some of the waterbirds however were taking a bit more of a relaxed approach to the sunny morning, either with a gentle preen:


male mallard preening reflection ripple
Some were just taking a snooze, including this cooperative female mallard.


mallard duck pair sleep

female mallard sleep duck



female mallard  duck


The great thing about shooting birds in a park is you can get super close!


While meandering my way back home through the park, I stuck the old pentacon 50 1.8 on and took a couple of shots of some of the flowers for some bokeh goodness!

cow parsley bokeh pentacon 50 1.8

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