Sheffield Botanical Gardens

On another surprisingly summery morning last week in Sheffield I took a walk to the Sheffield Botanical gardens to see what was about to shoot! After running a few errands I got to the gardens by late morning and the bright sun was high in the sky; the gardens were pretty quiet and peaceful, a real piece of green tranquility right among the “city of steal”. tree shadow park The gardens are now bursting with flowers, leaves and seeds at every corner, humming with birds and bees,  and emanating lots of nose and eye-aggravating pollen. flower bokeh park billy clapham flower pink macro plant leaf grey green Surprisingly I bumped into this little chap on some leaves at waist level, its not often you come across a slug in the sun! slug bug life leaf park macro slug macro mollusc billy clapham Nikon d3200 Raynox DCR 250 Since the bright sun was out, inspired by my last shots taken on the duck pond in Weston park of the ducks splashing around, I decided to try some high-speed shots of the water fountain in the centre of the gardens. fountain black and white sheffield Sheffield Botanical gardens fountain high speed water drop black and white monochrome fountain high speed water drop Sheffield Botanical Gardens fountain high speed water drop summer summer fountain haze Out of the corner of my eye I noticed a flurry of feathers that collapsed  onto the grass in a very still heap. As I walked towards the tufts of brown feathers poking out of the grass, it tossed and and trembled until the ball separated into two very scruffy squabbling robins! They continued to attempt to tear each other to pieces in I’m guessing a territorial dispute, bemusing a couple of local bird watchers! robin fight aggression argument bird robin fight agression robin fight fighting agression robin argument aggression fight

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