Weston Park Pigeon Mafia

Finally my 2014 can properly begin! After a very long exam season I’m finally free from revision and can get back to normal. To take my first wildlife photos of 2014 I decided to take the short walk Friday evening to Weston park (Sheffield) to see what was about to shoot with the 70-300mm VR. There was plenty of ducks around the pond, but it was the pigeons fighting over scraps that grabbed my attention.

Billy Clapham sheffield Nikon D3200 70-300 pigeon wildlife photography

They are kind of pretty in a tattered and goofy way. The iridescence on the nape and breast works great with the subtle blueish greys, but the juxtaposition of the piercing fiery eye just makes them look a bit evil!

Billy Clapham pigeon wildlife photography bird Nikon D3200 70-300mm

Seeing them squabbling over bread crumbs, I couldn’t help but give them dodgy Italian-American accents , looking like little gangsters ¬†puffing out their chest and scowling at each other.

billy clapham photography pigeon wildlife Nikon D3200 70-300mm

They sat around on this brick wall for a while as the sun started dipping behind the buildings casting them in shadow. I kept shooting, but a little kid managed to scare them off before I had lost the light, so I took that as a cue get back home.

billy clapham photography Nikon pigeon

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