A cloudy morning in Sheffield

I had it all planned out. I needed kindling to get my blog going, the forecast was for a clear night and blue skies in the morning, and the temperature was supposed to drop to 0c and below, making it potential frost weather…. Believing the weathermen, like a fool, I set my alarm early for Tuesday morning hoping to get out early and get some nice frosty sunrise photos in the parks.

Grey clouds and mild weather actually greeted me that morning, I mean it could have been worse,  it could have been raining, but it was enough to set me off in a bad mood (though before 7am that’s not a difficult feet to achieve). As I continuously debated with myself whether to slump back into bed, I powered through getting ready and eventually stepped out the door.

It took me a little while to actually summon myself to get my camera out of my bag, but a set of wooden steps weaving through some trees in Ponderosa Park caught my eye. At least the over cast skies are good for some situations, and didn’t create a bunch of harsh shadows in the wood letting the colours speak for themselves.


ponderosa park wood autumn steps path landscape


Now a bit more motivated, I wondered up into Weston Park which lies virtually on my university campus. After a bit of wondering I snapped off this shot of the line of park benches gently curving round the path.


weston park sheffield billy clapham black and white bench park


The Arts tower dominates the skyline in the park, so I had to get a few photos of it. Shooting long exposure reflections (and ducks) is always fun.


Sheffield billy clapham arts tower reflection ducks long exposure


I started to head back home to drop off my camera kit and pick up my university work to take to lectures when I saw this next shot. Making use of the dull light I used a long exposure again, and the even lighting of the cloudy sky on the burning orange ferns helped make this shot. Maybe not the most exciting morning, but it at least reminded me what ever the weather, there is always something out there worth photographing!


sheffield billy clapham weston park orange autumn ferns fountain blue long exposure



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