An animal behaviour teaser from my upcoming MA project following one farmer and his family of curlews through the breeding season as he works with conservationists to ensure their survival in an attempt to reverse their disastrous decline.

A short DSLR-shot film introducing the surprising abundance of bird life found in my local seaside town.

A 90 second short for my MA Wildlife Filmmaking course, shot on Sony FS5.

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society of biology photographer of the year winner habitat home shelter Winner, Royal Society of Biology Photographer of the Year 2014

Nesting in the Elements


Darwin, Australia, travel, nature, Nikon D7100


sanderling cleethorpes lincolnshire nikon d7100


noosa national park, noosa, australia, wildlife, landscape, nikon d7100


common prawn palaemon serratus


red-necked avocet, sunset, australia


Puffin Farne Island Billy Clapham Nikon D7100 seabird blog natural history




robin, macro, nikon d7100, tamron 90mm


Wood anemone nikon d7100 spring flower sunset beesby lincolnshire


Khao Yai National Park, Thailand, nature, wildlife, rainforest, , white handed gibbon, gibbon


Chatsworth, deer, rut, red deer


aug slide show


noosa national park, noosa, australia, wildlife, landscape, nikon d7100


Will such beautiful chaos be around for our great great grandchildren?


slideshow (13)


slideshow (12)



Arctic Tern, Nikon D7100, Farne Island, Farne, Summer, seabird, tern, mobbing, dive bombing, sun, sunshine

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