WATCH: The Secret Life of the Seaside Town

Last week I finally released my first entirely self-made short natural history film into the world. Over the last few months I’ve been heading out on weekends to one of my favourite old photography haunts, Cleethorpes beach, in an attempt to show people just how wonderful this place really is.

To be honest, my opinions of Cleethorpes weren’t always that high. I’ve visited since childhood and the words “beautiful” nor “wildlife” sprung to mind when I used to think about the seaside town. But a few years ago, after coming across some nice shots on Flickr, I gave a Cleethorpes sunrise a go. Suddenly, I was a fan! Sunrise transforms this beach and their seems to be something new to shoot on every visit. There is also a wealth of avian visitors to be found and some of the smaller waders seem to be somewhat habituated to human presence, allowing for some very close views.

Given these experiences, when it came to brain-storming ideas for a short film, Cleethorpes’ surprising abundance of amazing bird life quickly sprung to mind. Enjoy!

I’ve been quite over-whelmed by the response to the film, especially on Facebook. Lots of  local people have commented saying that they have learnt new things and have a new appreciation for their home town. One comment I especially loved included “My 3 year old now wants to go and look for birds”- What more could I ask for?

I was even featured on the local newspaper! (Grimsby Telegraph 1st Feb)


A few people have been commenting asking when I will be releasing my next film. Well unfortunately there might be quite a wait. I fly to Bangkok on Sunday (5th Feb) to start an adventure of a lifetime and I won’t be back in the UK until summer… Hopefully the wait will be worthwhile!

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