Winner! Society of Biology Photography Awards 2014

I am super chuffed to announce that among some tropical, impressive, and very tough competition, my photo of a mother blackbird and my mums washing has come first in the Society of Biology Photography competition! Themed “Home, Habitat and Shelter”, I knew as soon as I found out this female blackbird was quite up for getting close to me and my camera the sort of shot that would do the job quite nicely!

society of biology photographer of the year winner habitat home shelter

The suburban garden is one of the Earth’s more bizarre habitats; a strict mosaic of cropped grass, patio and geometric rows of gaudy flowers, all overshadowed by the big rock where the humans live. Despite this, many species of birds have adapted to living in gardens and to its human inhabitants. Here a mother blackbird collects mealworms, placed out by the humans, to feed her hungry chicks in the hedgerow close by. The juxtaposition of this wild bird foraging for her chicks, with the washing line strewn with clothes and baby bibs in the background, emphasises the leap these wild birds have made to share our own gardens with us; their lives running in parallel with ours.


It’s meant a lot to get one of my shots recognized in this way and its been really exciting to see my shot published alongside the other contestants on The Guardian, The Daily Mail, The Mirror and The Telegraph websites, as well as in print in the Mirror. But today it was printed large in The Times, and that feels pretty good!
The Times


A big thank you goes out to the judges and also to the mother blackbird herself! If she’s still about the garden, I’ll make sure she gets some extra meal worms tomorrow!

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