december landscape billy clapham cleethorpes

A December Morning on Cleethorpes Beach

Going to The University of Sheffield I couldn’t get much further from the sea if I tried, so now I’m back home for Christmas, this morning I took advantage of living fairly close to the coast by visiting the seaside … Read More

Sheffield parks cloudy morning sheffield billy clapham Nikon D3200 landscape

A cloudy morning in Sheffield

I had it all planned out. I needed kindling to get my blog going, the forecast was for a clear night and blue skies in the morning, and the temperature was supposed to drop to 0c and below, making it … Read More

Let the fun begin!

I have toyed with setting up a website for a while, but finally have bitten the bullet! So far its been relatively straight forward, but I imagine the site will keep shifting in its set up and structure for a … Read More