Moss Valley Woodland

A few weeks ago I took a trip to the Sheffield Wildlife Trusts Moss Valley Woodland, a stunning bluebell wood a short bus ride away from the city centre. With exams and deadlines fast approaching I have been pretty busy … Read More

blackbird mum mother garden habitat environment

Garden Visitors

I have just returned to Sheffield from my home in Lincolnshire where I spent the Easter Hoidays; one of the things I miss most about my home in the rural village of Utterby is the garden and being in such … Read More

st giles cathedral edinburgh

Edinburgh in Black and White

A fleeting trip to Edinburgh in harsh day light made photography a bit of a challenge, especially when trying to follow around or drag along parents and an elderly grandma, but I managed to grab a few I liked. I’ll … Read More

#Throwback- My slice of the reef

Between 2006 and 2013 I was the proud owner of a little marine aquarium, which after some initial ignorance followed by a steep learning curve eventually turned from a plastic-fantastic fish tank into a miniature reef ecosystem! But starting University … Read More

grey heron nikon d3200 bird billy clapham

A truly handsome bird

As part of the University of Sheffield’s Natural History Society I’m often helping run walks around the Peak district, always taking my camera along just in case something interesting pops up. But trudging around the Derbyshire hills with a bunch … Read More

pigeon billy clapham

Weston Park Pigeon Mafia

Finally my 2014 can properly begin! After a very long exam season I’m finally free from revision and can get back to normal. To take my first wildlife photos of 2014 I decided to take the short walk Friday evening … Read More

My 2013- in review

In many ways last year seemed to go by very quickly, but looking back at these photos, I feel like I took them years ago! 2013 was my first full calendar year of being a University student, and I think it’s … Read More

gull flight nikon d3200 billy clapham photography

Back to the wildlife!

For a year now I have been limited to mainly doing landscape photography with my DSLR and standard 18-55mm lens, I got in a fair few macro insect shots here and there, but really I have been craving a telephoto … Read More